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Frequently Asked

What if my partner is no longer interested in sexual relations?

Your sexuality is complex and so is your partner’s. It is possible that he/she is truly done with sex. It is also possible that health, mood, stress, or other demands have merely muted desire. Further, sexuality is about much more than what happens in the bedroom together. If your sexuality is fully realized, you will feel more confident and energetic. Your partner will enjoy this energy in the home even if sex does not occur.

What if I am too embarrassed to talk about sex?

Embarrassment can come from multiple underlying concerns. One could be a fear of judgment or censure. Please be assured that I have heard a vast array of stories and you will not embarrass me nor will I ever judge you or your choices. Further, all participants are expected to treat each other with kindness, gentleness, and respect. Another concern could stem from fear of others finding out about your participation in this program. You may consider joining Zooms with your camera off and changing your name for privacy. I can show you how. If this is still too much, private coaching may be the best fit for you.

What if I'm the one who doesn't want sex anymore? Why should I care about my sexuality if I don't want sex?

This is my favorite question! Sexuality is not just about having sex, folks! Sexuality is how we perceive ourselves and others, it affects our confidence and creativity, it includes who and what turns us on, and how we go about pursuing those connections. It is also encompasses the physiological process of cycling from attraction to arousal to climax (or wherever we stop along the way). If we neglect our sexuality, our “sexy” withers or goes underground taking a piece of our joie de vive with it.

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